Learn why Brandboo bamboo straws are the best product for you


Reusable bamboo drinking straws are a creative and efficient option to help prevent the plastic pollution crisis. Join Brandboo in a battle against plastic waste. The Brandboo bamboo drinking straws are organic, biodegradable drinking straws that are handmade in Vietnam.


We all know the damages of plastic straws on the environment and making a change is so easy and so rewarding for any business!

Think about it, taking your favourite reusable, branded, organic bamboo straws and giving your customers a little extra wow with their drinks. Brandboo bamboo straws are made from organic bamboo which means they are a great eco-friendly alternative to plastic. Our eco-friendly straws come in bulk orders with your business, café, company, restaurant, or nightclub branding.
Brandboo bamboo straws can be washed in the dishwasher and reused hundreds of times!

When people think organic bamboo we want them to think Brandboo. Designed to last longer and add an x-factor to all your drinks!


Our journey started with the idea of creating a greener future through a rewarding experience. It’s simple to tell people about the impacts but by creating an alternative product that can reward businesses and be of better use than plastic is what we believe makes a BIG difference.

We have currently taken orders in the tens of thousands as the hospitality industry have really taken a liking to our product. So far, the reviews have been incredible and the response to our product is overwhelming. It’s something we find really is making a difference.

Sustainability is evolving, society is clued in to what businesses are making efforts and who they wish to support. We can’t change everything, but we can play our part. Get in touch with us to try our branded bamboo straws, we know you’ll love them!